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With Karlijn Langendijk

Ah bir Atas Ver
Ladislav Pazdera

Live recording with Reentko Dirks

Polskie Drogi
With Karlijn Langendijk 

Yüksek Yüksek Tepelere
Live recording with Reentko Dirks

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Ladislav Pazdera was born in 1989 in the city of Pardubice. He started to play the violin in his early childhood. Later, he learned to play the viola and at the age of 12, he started to play the acoustic guitar. Meeting Slávek Klecandr and Petr Saidl, his first guitar teachers, represented an important spur for him. After graduating from Pardubice Conservatoire in 2014, he moved to Dresden where he is currently studying World, Concert and Jazz guitar music at Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber under the guidance of Thomas Fellow, Reentko Dirks and Daniel Wirtz.

His repertoire displays a combination of fingerstyle guitar elements and features of world music, jazz and modern guitar music. He delivers stirring and dynamic performances demonstrating a diverse blend of sound and style that speak to his audience through their vivacity. Among his musical achievements are collaborations with Pardubice Philharmonic Orchestra in 2014 and Dresden State Operetta House's Symphony Orchestra in 2017 as well as a number of first-place positions at guitar contests:

1st place winner

Competition Showcase of Conservatoires and Musical Schools of the Czech Republic in Pardubice in 2010

1st place & audience award winner

At the 1st SAI guitar contest taking place in Prague in 2013 as part of the international festival Guitar Across Styles

2nd place winner
At the international guitar contest in Dolní Kubín (Slovakia) in 2013

Ladislav uses guitars made by Petr Matoušek , Jost Von Huene and Friedmann Beck.

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Phone: +420 737 561 823 • Email: lpazdera@me.com


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